We have more than 15 years experience in jewelry business. We design for renowned trademarks and for our own Trademark. We have recently specialized in jewelry for men, and therefore our new line is born: PURALU.


Our designer, Olivier Xicola is French, he did major studies in Marketing and International Trade. He has more than 15 years experience in designing jewelry in Mexico, and has co-worked in projects with companies such as Nivada or Pineda Covalín, designing jewelry and fashion accessories lines.


As you can see on our web site (, our style is minimalist, very avant-garde and contemporary.

Our distinctive feature is to create a unique piece of jewelry in its concept and aesthetics with a clean and simple line style.


We design for a segment of population, which is constantly forgotten by jewelry designers: men. We intend to offer an option that fulfills their requirements of use (practical and resistant), likes (fine and elegant designs) and fashion wear.

We always seek for materials that are uncommonly used by traditional jewelry. Materials used in the present collection are those usually seen in contemporary architecture and in the coffee industry, pursuing always the necessary features to achieve a high quality piece of jewelry within alien industries.

Our philosophy sees the design, besides its aesthetics part (which is of course very important), as an object to be worn in a practical way.   We intend to design focusing on ergonomics, or easiness to wear, as well as linked to minimalism and simplicity in lines.