My name is Olivier Xicola. I’m french and I’m living in Mexico. I started my professional career as an industrial productivity and organization consultant in a Parisian office. After 4 years, I decided to take a year off in Asia. I got back to France for a year, before to travel again to the American continent this time. I Started in Cuba, then Mexico. After an import-export experience with a Spanish company based in Cuba, I moved from the Mexican capital to the sterling silver jewelry town, Taxco. I learned in workshops how jewelers worked and I created and started to sell my own jewelry collection, when a famous Mexican trade mark proposed me to design for them.

Today, 13 years later, I keep designing jewelry for them. But some years ago I decided to design objects for my own trade mark PURE Design, in my own style. I started looking for ideas. During 6 months I’ve been moving from one idea to another, till the moment I found the good one. I designed it. I looked for innovative materials. I made samples. I tested them. I through everything to the bin and I started from the beginning again and again, and again and three years after YEKO was born.