Write your message, your device won’t move

The nano suction cups secure your devices to the accessories and the accessories to the table. You can easily text or browse on your devices as they will not move.

3 positions

You can use your phone or tablet in 3 different positions depending on your own position.

2 different angles

You can use your devices at 45° or 30° angle. You will be able to choose the best angle for you.

Very light

2.5 Lbs /1.20 Kg easy to lift.

Slide easily

2.5 Lbs /1.20 Kg easy to move around.

Inbuilt handles

To carry comfortably.

Easy to clean

A quick wipe down with a cloth or soft sponge is enough.


Pack it in your suitcase, and take it to your business trip or holiday.

Storage – Accessories

Stick your accessories under the table.

Storage – YEKO

Store  your YEKO under the bed.