The IDEA and STORY behind YEKO

First the idea

Everybody spends time on their electronic devices when at home, at a hotel and even during their stay at a hospital. We wanted to create a product that allowed people to make the most of their electronic devices in a comfortable position without impacting their health or their work performance. There are almost no options on the market to hold or place your cell phone, tablet or laptop in an adequate position to watch a movie or to work in bed.

The cell phone stand
The table

The material

Aluminum composite

Looking for the best material was an essential part of the process. We selected the aluminium composite, a  highly  durable material  which is corrosion and stain resistant, endures extreme temperatures and sun exposure, is free of bacteria, solid, lightweight, and easy to clean.  Perfect for a long lasting life.

The smart adhesive

The innovative adhesive on the nano suction cups provides the standout feature of the YEKO products. We liked that the idea was inspired by nature and it also links the products back to Mexico, where all the houses have Geckos.

The design

The three items of the Yeko kit were designed to become one piece without screws or nails, glue or hinges. No weak points. It was thought and designed for a long lasting life.

The process

The most important manufacturing processes are done by computerized machines.

Every step in the process, from the 3D files to the end product, is followed with equal precision, allowing us to create a large amount of identical, standardized and high quality products in a short time.

For the best engraving quality, we use a jewelry laser.